Very good company, conscientious, honest, reliable

30 May 2023

Having a special stroller, the Comfort, we know that it is of good quality, and-it is tailored to our son’s needs. I feel relaxed when I know he is comfortable in it. My child’s joy and peace are the most important things to me.

Pawel, Jerzy's dad
30 May 2023

I am very positively surprised by the quality of the Comfort stroller. It is very stable and sturdy, very good brakes and the aesthetics are exemplary.

Sylwestr's mother
22 May 2023

Comfort strollers reliable with us for 19 years.

19 May 2023

A smooth stroller purchase process including advice in the procedure.

Grażyna - Wojciech's mother
19 May 2023

We are very satisfied with the strollers from your company. Professional service, possibilities to adapt the equipment to the resident’s needs. We hope to continue our cooperation.

Danuta (physiotherapist)
18 May 2023

Buying a stroller from Comfort is a bull’s eye! We used the previous pram for 3 years but we are going back to your company. We don’t want any other, only the Comfort. Comfort and faultlessness are its advantages.

Pani Bożena DPS Kotlin
18 May 2023

We are happy to buy from Comfort, we always get the most comfortable stroller. I will not change my mind, we stay with you. Special pram is a very good brand, a masterful thought!

Sebastian DPS Kotlin
18 May 2023

Functional trolley, meets our expectations. Especially the idea of a shelf for the ventilator is a hit.

Janina Piotr's mother
17 May 2023

About the company

Over  40 years of experience in the production of strollers for children, of which over 20 years of specialization in the production of rehabilitation strollers for children and adults with complex, multiple disabilities.

We are a member of the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Medical Devices POLMED.


Factory of Rehabilitation Equipment
COMFORT sp. z o. o.
ul. Głazowa 43, 60-116 Poznań
NIP: 7781369984
KRS: 0000871826
+48 61 863 85 61

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