Comfort stroller have been with our son for a very long time. We can’t count the number of strollers Paul has already used. It has proved safe, comfortable and functional, and the steering front wheels are a revelation. And the people at this company are great. They repaired our worn-out stroller so that our tour in and around Poznań could continue. They helped us choose a new size and the brand-new, ash-coloured Comfort 7 has just arrived. We would like to thank the whole company for their selfless help, their time, advice and support.

Ala and Tomek, Pawel's parents
21 March 2024

The Comfort stroller is a very comfortable stroller tailored to the needs of our disabled son. The Comfort stroller is a very comfortable stroller tailored to our son’s needs. Comfortable, stable and safe has served us for two years. Our son feels comfortable in it.

Aneta Pawel's mum
21 March 2024

We are happy to own a stroller from Comfort in Poznan. Buying such equipment is a pleasure for us, you can enjoy easy steering thanks to the swivel castors, assured comfort through a perfectly good size. The stroller is made of a sturdy frame and is therefore difficult to damage. In the future, we plan to buy a spare upholstery so that we can use it for as long as possible.

5 March 2024

The well-chosen size of the stroller, and the adaptation to Daughter’s needs, led to the choice of the Comfort stroller. Comfortable and stable ensures patient safety. Good contact with the salesman. The comprehensive service is a pleasant surprise. We will stay with Comfort forever!

5 March 2024

The Comfort stroller purchased is a worthy recommendation. Service, measurement, pricing and delivery very satisfactory. We have a stroller that meets our needs. We do not want another. I recommend the Comfort stroller to all patients, especially those with Cerebral Palsy.

5 March 2024

We have used the Comfort stroller for several years, it has been a very comfortable stroller, it has been perfectly adapted to my needs. Your add-ons and accessories are intelligent solutions to make using the stroller more pleasant, I really like the Comfort stroller.

5 March 2024

The Comfort stroller is very familiar to us. Margaret has enjoyed her stroller for 16 years! It is a comfortable, reliable product from your company. I own two of them. One has been working for 16 years; I’ve only had to replace the wheels. The other one accompanies us on walks, to the doctor’s, and everywhere else we need to be together. We are very satisfied, the stroller meets our expectations. I recommend, especially for people with Cerebral Palsy

Agnieszka Małgorzata's mum
27 February 2024

My daughter has been using the Comfort 6 stroller since 2018. While staying at the Nursing Home in Zimnowoda, the opinion of this stroller is very good from the Nursing Home staff who use this stroller on a daily basis. I, as a father, am satisfied with the adaptability of the wedge to my daughter’s needs.

Mr Jankowski Sylwia's dad
15 February 2024

The stroller was ordered with special modifications, customised to meet the needs of a disabled son.
Special thanks to the designer, Mr Mark, for his ingenuity and the idea of making the required adaptations and modifications.

Mr Droń, Lukasz's dad
12 February 2024

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