I would like to thank you for your help in buying a stroller for my son . I have been ordering strollers from Comfort for a long time for my son, this is the 5th stroller, but this is the first time I have ordered a stroller directly from the company without an intermediary. I am very pleased because my son humps, so the lady who spoke to me on the phone encouraged me to order a humpback stroller. No one had ever offered me such a solution before and it was a hit, my son is now sitting comfortably because the humped part goes into the cut-out in the stroller fantastically. I just sent in a photo of my son and the ladies got it so right that it couldn’t have been better. What’s more, the stroller was brought to me from Poznan to Cieszyn to show and try on, but when my son tried to sit, I knew it was tailor-made for us. I did all the formalities from home, the application and the surcharge, we are veeery happy !!!!

Happy users, Bartek with his Mum
25 January 2024