We have been using Comfort stroller for our disabled son since the 1990s. That is why we decided to buy one this time too. Due to the special needs of our son, this was not a standard stroller. We wanted Comfort to adapt the stroller to our needs. After discussing the necessary modifications and alterations over the telephone, we received a quote for the stroller that took all the changes into account and we finally received a stroller that was perfectly manufactured to our requirements. During the production of this stroller, Comfort contacted us several times to clarify any doubts. Special thanks also go to Comfort’s designer, Mr Mark, for his commitment and for carrying out all the modifications. We were kept informed throughout, including video sessions where we were able to see how the modifications would look and whether they suited us. We are pleasantly surprised that Comfort made so much effort to make the stroller perfect for our needs. We will definitely be recommending Comfort to anyone in need of such equipment, which is robust, well made and easy to drive. Above all, the important thing is that it can be tailored even in detail to the individual patient’s needs for an inexpensive extra charge, to the standard version.

Łukasz's parents
31 January 2024