Good afternoon. We provided our patient with a Comfort rehabilitation wheelchair this year. We are very happy with it, both we as staff and our patient, who is a recumbent patient and does not leave her bed for the most part, and the Comfort wheelchair has worked perfectly for her in situations where the patient requires veranda, walking, attending celebrations and special events. Until now, she has struggled to support herself in traditional wheelchairs, which for her needs required additional restraint straps or a headrest, and the Comfort wheelchair already has these elements, so it is very safe. In addition, not every traditional pushchair can be reclined to a semi-recumbent or reclining position, but this one does. What’s more, the soft, velour fabric that is used in the pushchair makes the patient feel comfortable in it, as if they were still in their bed, just cosy. We are delighted to have acquired this stroller 🙂

22 November 2022