Daughter Ewelina turned 30. She has been using a wheelchair since she was born. The stroller produced by your company fully satisfies her functioning. I am very pleased that you can choose the option with steering wheels, the pram is more steerable and lightweight, the covers are also very nice, you can replace them if they wear out. The pram is very durable and reliable.
The only downside is the stabiliser straps, they are too wide and the buckles / fasteners. It gets in the way a lot and we don’t actually use them. A change to something better would be very useful for me. My daughter is very fidgety and pushes forward on the wedge and is very uncomfortable. A 5-point belt with new pins would be useful. I am delighted that I chose your company and your pushchair. We will definitely continue shopping in the future. The service is very friendly.

20 January 2023