Our son, who suffers from infantile cerebral palsy with, among other things, paralysis of four limbs, has been using successive generations and sizes of strollers for 12 years. Through the years of using his fifth stroller, we can confirm that it is difficult to find an alternative. Our son’s illness means that he practically spends the whole day in it, and it has to be comfortable both for him and for his parents. There is no doubt that the Comfort stroller is such a product; despite its considerable size, which is necessary for comfort, the stroller is easy to fold and transport. Thanks to the removable upholstery and the possibility to wash it in the washing machine, keeping it clean is not a problem either. My son spends several hours a day in it. The stroller works well both when transporting him to school and when he is at home. Over the years of using this product, we have seen constant work on additional improvements to enhance its qualities – both aesthetically and in terms of use. In addition, the company’s specialists are always on hand to provide expert assistance in adapting the stroller to the individual patient’s needs, including coming to the patient’s home.

As a parent of a disabled child, I can sincerely recommend the Comfort stroller – it is comfortable, easy to use, durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Maciej Stanisław's dad
19 January 2024