I am pleased to express my opinion about both the pram and the Comfort company.
We bought the Comfort Maxi wheelchair for Krzysztof’s 22-year-old son with a very rare genetic disease and non-specific motor and mental dysfunctions. He liked the wheelchair from the first walk, and walks were the main reason for buying a “wheelchair”. The wheelchair is perfectly suited to his needs, height and weight. We also ordered a table – removable with a front railing, which makes it easier, for example, when visiting a restaurant or having a meal while traveling. When it comes to travel, the reclining function and the possibility of a nap is absolutely invaluable. The wheelchair is also extremely comfortable for the leading person, thanks to the adjustable handle you can adjust the height for both a short and a tall person. I have to say this – Krzysztof did not like going outside, he preferred his room – since we have a new Comfort wheelchair, he remembers his daily walk himself and plans each next one when he goes to bed.
My opinion about the wheelchair is also influenced by cooperation with the Comfort company – fast, trouble-free contact, listening to the user’s needs and delivery of a tailor-made wheelchair in less than a week. Nowadays, I am looking for such cooperation with the candle, thank you.

Joanna's opinion - Krzysztof's mother
13 April 2022