My opinion: the Comfort adult stroller. In my opinion, it fulfils all the functions, providing comfort and mobility, for moving indoors, in the city and in the countryside. I would like to mention a few of its advantages: steerable front wheels (please do not order any other, it does not steer well, and I say this from my own experience), pneumatic wheels at the back (no problem on uneven terrain), a wedge between the legs (my wife slipped off other strollers and special belts did not help – NOT ANY), comfortable belts to stabilise the lower limbs, comfortable straps to stabilise the lower limbs, pelvis and chest (the straps are adjustable depending on your needs), adjustable headrest, reclining or lying down position (very practical), adjustable handle (from my experience I can say that it is more comfortable than a simple one, I suggest using only the adjustable handle). Other features include: raised armrests, calf strap (very practical), footrest strap, footrest pad (very practical), seat cushion, lumbar cushion, side cushions, thigh straps and many other great features. I realise that the Comfort adult stroller is not cheap, but a loved one spends many hours every day in it. Doesn’t our loved one deserve a high-quality, comfortable, practical stroller made of good materials? Doesn’t our loved one deserve a “top-of-the-range car”? I am convinced that a COMFORT stroller will make life easier for the person using it. The price is high, but it is still worth buying.

Mr Tomaszewski, happy guardian of Mrs Lidia (wife)
8 August 2023